Our Customer-First philosophy

We understand that more than anything else having loyal and happy customers is a sure fire way to success. Our commitment to top class customer experience is thus for real. We follow a continuous improvement program in our customer service processes to make sure that we stay ahead of the needs and wants of our customers. Our basic philosophy is to combine top quality clinical care with top of the line customer experience. We know that if we focus on doing this, our clients will make AllForKidsĀ® a huge success.

Our Advantages

  • Appointment based care, no wait time if you have an appointment
  • Personal follow up by doctors by phone on each case
  • Doctors trained, certified and licensed in Pediatric and Adolescent Care in US and India
  • Care Processes and standards according to American Academy of Pediatrics and IAP guidelines
  • Personalized and friendly service all through your customer experience provided by well trained staff
  • Kid friendly with a well equipped play area
  • Focus on preventive care based on a strong partnership between the parents and the doctor through patient education and patient participation
  • Ample time spent by the doctor with each family !, our doctors spend between 15-45 minutes with each family !!
  • State of the art testing and screening facilities, In-house Pharmacy facilities
  • Use of Information Technology to provide the best possible customer experience including online appointment scheduling and a secure customer area
  • Electronic Medical Records with full patient history
  • Offering access to premium and exclusive benefits based on a a membership program
  • Consultation facilities provided with US based leading specialists and relationships with leading hospitals in the area for inpatient care when needed
  • Our doctors understand and speak Malayalam ,English, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi, if you are from outside Kerala please feel at home when you visit us