10 Steps to Better Health for Kids

Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi, M.D (Peds), M.D (USA), F.A.A.P

"Content From the leaflet created by California First Lady Maria Shriver and Francine Kaufman M.D."
10 Steps to Better Health for Kids
  • Start your day with breakfast
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables every day
  • Make your snacks healthy
  • Don't overeat - beware of portion distortion
  • If you drink milk make it low-fat or non-fat
  • Get active for an hour every day - do what moves for you: walk, swim, bike, dance
  • Spend less time on your computer, watching TV or playing video games
  • Treat your body right - it lasts a lifetime
  • Volunteer - it gets you moving and feels great