The Height Predictor

The Height Predictor: How Tall will your Child be?

A child's adult height is influenced by a number of factors, including genetics, sex, and overall health and nutrition. Genetics and the child's gender account for 70% of what goes into deciding how tall a child will be.

The other 30% comes from environmental factors, such as nutrition, exercise, and any underlying health problems.

There are a number of methods for predicting adult height. The method you are about to use was developed by Drs. Harry Khamis and Alex Roche working at Wright State University and published in Pediatrics , the official publication of The American Academy of Pediatrics in 1994. The "Khamis-Roche Method" is fairly accurate (within an inch and a half of actual growth).

Please note that this is only reliable in children who have no other known medical problems.

For those below 4 years, we have used the mid-parental height method.

Remember that we don't have a crystal ball that sees exactly how tall your child is going to be. It is extremely important that you share with your child's pediatrician any concerns you have about your youngster's growth.

This way, he or she can follow your child's development carefully and recommend further evaluation when necessary.

The Height Predictor
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