Ready for travel abroad with your children?

Pre-travel checkup, counseling and vaccination review services

Are you traveling to India or traveling out of India with children?

Healthcare in a new and unknown setting can be very stressful and expensive. You are much more likely to be exposed to new diseases while traveling abroad. Following the advice of a Pediatrician who has extensive international experience, conducting preventive care checkups and getting up-to-date on vaccinations can go a long way in reducing the chances of a less than pleasant experience of getting sick while traveling abroad.

AllForKids now offers a first of its kind of service in India which focus on providing pre-travel checkup, counseling and vaccination review for families with children. Currently we provides this service both onsite at your facility in Kochi, India and very shortly we will be offering this service online using our website where you are able to upload all the information needed to get started and to pay for our services using your credit card.


  • Counseling/checkup and vaccination update available for families traveling to or from India
  • Services are provided onsite at our facility in Kochi, India
  • Counseling and Vaccination Review will shortly available online and by phone
  • Counseling/Checkup/Vaccination Review is provided by pediatricians certified and experienced both in USA and India.

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Please call 0484-2970890 / +91 9496665432 for appointments if you plan to visit our facility in Tripunithura, Kochi to avail this service or please e-mail for more information.